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“It was all Alcohol Rehabilitation Center In Arkansas Accepting Insurance that mad energy. I had an energy that ripped me apart and the booze was my way of dealing with that, but when you have all that energy you can just keep going; you don’t know when to stop.” Because he has had such a long and celebrated career, many people are surprised to learn that Hopkins was ever a problem drinker. This highlights the misconceptions held by the general public about the “typical” alcoholic. The stereotype envisioned by most people is of a “hopeless” drunk – disheveled, dirty, aetna health equity savings account unemployed, homeless, etc. That is far from the truth. In fact, 75% of people who abuse alcohol or drugs ARE employed. Here’s the thing –AUD ignores boundaries of income, status, education, race, gender, and age. ANYONE can struggle with an addictive illness, including someone who appears otherwise successful. Right now, there are approximately 3.3 MILLION functional alcoholics in the United States. Not surprisingly, almost two-thirds of those with NPD drink excessively or abuse drugs. On the flip side, 12% of people with a SUD have NPD. For comparison, the NPD rate among the general population is only around 6%. “And it’s great. For a while, it’s creative. It’s part of the Dionysian thing…It’s extraordinary creative power…The tragic thing is it’s got this scorpion’s tail. It finally turns around and bites you in the ass and kills you.” Like a lot of creative people, Hopkins says his use of intoxicants helped him in his career. And, because drinking is relaxing and lowers inhibitions, there may be a small grain of truth to that idea. But alcohol abuse has the opposite effect: In the end, alcoholism tends to destroy talent, rather than encourage it. For example, Billie Holiday, Sir Richard Burton, Dylan Thomas, Amy Winehouse, Truman Capote, Keith Whitley, and Hank Williams all died because of drinking, decades earlier than they should have. What else could they have gone on to create? The trade-off just doesn’t seem worth it.

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ativan when pregnant